Orved 150x200mm Vac Pack Bags (95GR)


150 x 200 mm Smooth Vacuum Packing Bags for Food Preservation and Storage.

Ideal for storage in: Refrigerators, Freezers & Pantry

Can be used in all chamber style vacuum pack machines


Not designed for Sous Vide or Microwave Cooking

Orved Code: 2331520

Sold in packs of 100 bags

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Orved Vacuum Pack Bags

Don’t Waste Food – Vacuum Pack It!

“At Orved we work to ensure unsurpassed performances in terms of preservation and Vacuum cooking”

Orved have been manufacturing its own line of smooth Vacuum Bags for 12 years. A great deal of time has gone into research and development of innovative materials which could meet the most sophisticated requirements of Sous-Vide technology.


Orved grant excellent performances in terms of high-quality films used, perfect seal and long Shelf-Life.

Why vacuum preservation?

  • Vacuum packing prevents the proliferation of parasites that normally develop in pasta, rice, flour or dry fruit, fat and oil rancidity, mould formation, oxidation and food weight loss.
  • No cross-contamination or odours in the refrigerator as all products are vacuum packed in sealed bags. The lack of air, moreover, will impede the formation of macro-crystals which
    are normally present in frozen products affecting their nutritional properties.

How long do vacuum packed products last?

  • Thanks to Vacuum packing the Shelf-Life, depending on the type of food and its preparation, is extended up to 5 times more.

Tips for safe vac packing…

  • For proper vacuum packed food storage, we recommend packing the best quality products, paying special attention to hygiene.
  • For products that contain liquids, we recommend to cool them down in the refrigerator before vacuum packing.
  • Important: in order to ensure perfect hygiene of food products, we recommend never re-using the bags.
  • Remember to mark the packing date and product name on the bag!

Where can vac packed foods be stored?

  • Ambient in the pantry
  • Chilled in the refrigerator
  • Frozen in the deep freeze

TECHNICAL DATA – Smooth Vacuum Bags for Storage

  • PA/PE Smooth Vacuum Bags are ideal to extend the Shelf-Life of any product: from the most delicate to those with sharp edges.
  • Bag thickness – 95GR
  • Sold in packs of 100 bags


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