Orved Vacuum Pack Bags

Don’t Waste Food – Vacuum Pack It!

“At Orved we work to ensure unsurpassed performances in terms of preservation and Vacuum cooking”

Orved have been manufacturing its own line of Vacuum Packing Bags for 12 years. A great deal of time has gone into research and development of innovative materials which could meet the most sophisticated requirements of Sous-Vide technology.


We have a variety of different types of vacuum pack bags for most foodservice applications.

  • Smooth bags for the safe storage and preservation of food items in refrigerators, freezers or ambient pantries.
  • Channelled vac pack rolls, we choose the width, you choose the length… our channelled rolls can be used with any external vacuum packing system – ideal for larger items.
  • Cooking Bags – these thicker, more durable bags are designed to withstand higher temperatures for longer, making them ideal for sous vide water bath or steamer cooking processes.

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Showing all 10 results