Jersey Dairy – Shake Mix


UHT Shake Mix for commercial frozen beverage & shake machines

Supplied in cases of 12 cartons (12x 1Litre)

MINIMUM ORDER OF 20 CASES (240 Litres/cartons)


Due to the fragile nature of this product, we can only ship via pallet distribution. Delivery usually in 2-3 days

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Jersey Dairy Vanilla Thickshake Mix is made with Jersey milk from our famous Jersey cows. It creates the perfect vanilla milkshake… smooth and creamy… delicious!


(for allergens, see ingredients in bold below)

  • Skimmed MILK (68%)
  • Skimmed MILK concentrate (19%)
  • Sugar (9%)
  • Glucose (2%)
  • Non hydrogenated vegetable fat (2%)
  • Emulsifier: Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, guar gum
  • Stabiliser: carrageenan
  • Vanilla Flavouring

Nutrition info:

(Typical Values Per 100 g)

  • Energy – 548/KJ or 131 Kcal
  • Protein – 4.7g
  • Carbohydrates – 14.9g (14.7g as sugar)
  • Total Fat – 2.5g (1.4g as saturated fat, 0.9g as mono-unsaturated fat, 0.2g as poly-unsaturated fat)
  • Salt – 0.1g

Download the Jersey Dairy Shake Mix Technical specifications here >>>

Why is Jersey milk “from the Island of Jersey” so unique?

Jersey Dairy Milk:

  • Sourced exclusively from our pedigree herds on the island of Jersey, the ideal climatic and environmental conditions for the best milk.
  • Clear provenance, with our cows having a free range and natural lifestyle
  • Pure pedigree lineage registered since our 1763 herd book
  • 20% higher in protein and calcium than milks from other breeds
  • Naturally lower in saturated fat than other milks
  • Quality assured with strict rules of supply
  • Easier on digestion and Lactose intolerance as primarily A2 milk from our cows. Cows of lesser pedigree produce more A1 milk more likely to upset digestion.
  • Rich creamy taste

Happy cows produce more milk – Our Cows sleep on Latex mattresses in their cow sheds, all have their own name and even have back scratchers on hand for when they want a massage.

Our cows also have a cattle version of a “fit bit” which monitors the activity of the cow. This indicates numerous scenarios such as if a cow has an illness or is on heat for breeding.

There are Jersey herds in the UK and around the world which produce “Jersey Milk” however are not of the same pedigree, kept under different conditions and use varying farming standards.
Furthermore we have the following environmental credentials:

All our packaging will now carry the LEAF Marque on it.

  • LEAF stands for Linking Environment and Farming and is the gold standard recognition for sustainable farming and it is only awarded when every single step of the food chain – from the grass in the fields to the glass on the table – are of the highest standards. This includes soil and water management, energy efficiency, high animal welfare and nature conservation.
  • Jersey Dairy was the first dairy in the world to hold the “LEAF Marque” on its packaging. LEAF.
  • We have also taken a positive step forward in our DEEP project on the farms (Dairy Environmental Enhancement Plan). We have just installed a solar panel array across our whole factory roof.