Yopiu Frozen Yogurt Powder


Powdered product for the preparation of frozen yogurt for use in commercial soft serve freezers

Soft serve frozen yogurt powdered mix (FroYo). Natural tart yogurt flavour.

Please note: If you’re using frozen yogurt for the first time, your soft serve machine may require re-calibration if it’s been set to freeze ice cream products previously.

Sold per case – 10 x 1.5Kg Bags

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FroYo, Frozen Yogurt, Low Fat Soft Serve, whatever you choose to call it. Taylor Frozen Yopiu powder is a great option for operators.

Taylor UK’s Yopiu Powder can be reconstituted in a number of different ways to create a finished product with different characteristics.

Recipe A – Basic Smooth Product

  • 1.5kg Bag Frozen Yopiu
  • 6 litres Milk (any depending on desired fat content)

Recipe B – Richer Creamier Product

  • 1.5kg bag Frozen Yopiu
  • 5 litres Milk (any depending on desired fat content)
  • 1 Kilo Natural Yogurt (any depending on desired fat content)

Recipe C – Fresh Refreshing more Acidic Product

  • 1.5kg bag Frozen Yopiu
  • 3 Kilo Natural Yogurt (any depending on desired fat content)
  • 3 Litres Cold Water


  1. Pour the liquid ingredients into a suitable bowl or pail.
  2. Using a whisk; slowly incorporate the Frozen Yopiu powder into the liquid.
  3. Mix well until the powder has dissolved fully and leave to stand for 10 minutes to give the stabilisers time to activate fully.
  4. Agitate the mix once more before transferring to your Taylor soft serve machine.

Please Note: Due to the acidic nature of tart yogurt products, some separation will occur. The rate of separation is dependent on the recipe used; recipes with a higher milk content will separate more rapidly than those without milk. For the best results; we advise agitating the liquid mix stored in the hopper every hour to ensure even distribution of the ingredients and to limit the rate of product separation.

Allergen information: Yopiu Frozen Yogurt Powder contains MILK and SOY products.

Download the Allergen Declaration here >>>

Download the Nutritional Information here >>>

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