Kamado Joe – Fundamentals of Smoke

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Smoke is the taste that can’t be mimicked or faked. It transforms even the most lowly of meats, adds complexity, makes a meal worth remembering. Because the Kamado Joe is charcoal-fuelled, everything you cook in it will come away subtly changed by smoke, no matter which technique you use. Smoke is the flavour we’re all chasing.

Photo by John David Helms
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Kamado Joe – Fundamentals of FIRE!

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Fire is the single most important ingredient in successful kamado cooking—and it’s made from just three elements: oxygen, heat and fuel. Learn how to control them, and you’ll know how to control your fire.


Only use premium hardwood lump charcoal to fuel your fire. Combustible liquids (starter fluid, etc.) will impart undesired flavours, damage your grill and create a fire hazard. Remember: flavour comes from your fuel. The taste you put in will eventually come out on your plate.

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The Best Smoothie Blender…?

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Blendtec Connoisseur 825

The Blendtec Connoisseur blender, combined with the Wildside Jar could be the best smoothie blender on the market. The powerful motor and programmable controls mean the Connoisseur can prepare a smoothie in as little as 14 seconds!

The Wildside Jar, which comes as standard with every Blendtec Connoisseur blender sold by HTG Extras, features a wider base which allows the product to make better contact with the cutting blade which in turn leads to faster, more efficient blending. Fast blend times, speed up serving times whilst having the added benefit of reducing wear on the blender its self!

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Lynx400 – The best value catering equipment around!

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Lynx400 Logo

The Lynx400 range of catering equipment from Lincat could be the best value range of light-commercial catering equipment on the market!

The range incudes everything you could possibly need to start serving great meals without spending an absolute fortune on equipment. The entire range is designed to plug into a standard 13amp plug socket. As a result, installation is easy as no expensive or complicated power supplies are required.

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The Power of Ultra Violet Light… by BioZone

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The BioZone AirCare and Mini PowerZone II air & surface sanitation systems harness the power of Ultra Violet Light and utilise the following processes to actively clean and purify the air killing all known bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts, and fungus, eliminating the odours which they produce in the process.

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