iScoop Shower – Wall Mounted


Water efficient scoop washer for wall mounted installation

Hygienically rinse ice cream scoops. The unit rinses from both sides when the push plunger is activated.

Can rinse scoops up to 65mm in diameter

Loelsberg Part No: 926 003

Download the iScoop Installation Instructions here >>>

(Ice cream scoop sold separately)
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Many of the usual scoop washers leave much to be desired with respect to hygiene requirements – especially in the warmer summer, where bacteria can flourish in dirty scoop washes and containers. Dirty rinsing water passes from the scoop to the ice cream. Or, on the other hand, systems which use pure through-flow systems have high water consumption and involve high costs.

The i.ScoopShower rinsing device is the perfect solution!

Save Water LogoSave Water – The water valves at the top and bottom are opened by pressing the scoop on the spherical head. The scoop is always rinsed with fresh water from above and below. Dirty washing water runs away immediately. The water on the inside of the scoop is swirled around. This rinses off the food residuals. On removing the scoop from the spherical head the water valves are automatically closed again by the water pressure.

Less water consumption, greater economic efficiency – Use of an automatic shut-off valve enables on average more than 50% water savings to be achieved compared to systems with continuous water flow.

More hygiene, improved quality – The  ice-cream scoop is always rinsed with fresh water from above and from below. Dirty washing water runs away immediately.

Integrated water-jet adjustment on the upper shower head – The water jet from below will be as strong as possible in order to ensure a maximum rinsing result with regard to the messy inner bowl of the scoop. The water flow from above can be adjusted avoid excessive water splashing around while still achieving a good rinsing result from outside.

Removable straining disc – The straining disc collects debris like pieces of chocolate, nuts, fruits in order to avoid the water outlet from being blocked. It also helps bubble up the rinse water which increases the cleaning effect.

Removable scoop drain insert – The scoop drain insert can be easily clipped into the rinsing containers and serves as a clean drip drain area for rinsed scoops while keeping sufficient distance from the bottom of the rinsing container. This allows air to circulate, reducing bacterial growth, maximising hygiene.

Integrated water backflow preventer – Below the automatic waterstop valve there is a water backflow preventer which stops dirty water from back-flowing in to the supply water.

Removable tap-off section – After rinsing the scoop, the tap-off section, made of a rubber-like material, helps to remove the remaining drops of water. Tapping off the water ensures that it doesn’t get into the ice cream on the next serving. This prevents the formation of ice crystals which can change the taste and lower the quality of the ice cream. The use of paper towels or unhygienic sponges to dry the scoop is no longer required.

Automatic water shut off valveIntegrated automatic waterstop – Inside the lower tube of the spray rinsing unit is a built-in an automatic water stop valve, which closes automatically when the rinse assembly is unscrewed. This enables the unit to be cleaned easily without having to isolate the incoming water supply.

Manufactured in Germany


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