iMix Shower – Inside & Out


Rinsing shower for blending collars, spindle blending jugs and glasses

Hygienically rinse blending jugs, glasses and containers quickly and easily. The unit can be placed in any sink with easy water connections, suction cups hold the device in position.

Sprays water on both the inside and outside of the container at the same time.

Loelsberg Part No: 945 002

Download the iMix Shower Instructions here >>>

(Blending jugs and glasses sold separately)
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The  iMix Shower is designed to perfectly clean or pre-rinse all common containers such as blender jugs, drinking glasses, drink mixer cups, shakers, jars etc. with the minimum consumption of water.

The water is sprayed from the central column and the arms to clean both the inside and outside at the same time. The water flow can be altered to suit the container being rinsed. when cleaning items like blending collars, the upward flow can be stopped to prevent water spraying everywhere.

iMix Shower Inside and outside Flow DiagramiMix Shower Inside and outside Flow Diagram

Spray rinsing unit for containers and glasses to be used with large blender jugs and glasses

iMix Shower Inside Outside rinsing a blending jugOperation with activation bail (arms) –  The device activates when the edge of a container pushes down on the arms of the unit. This ensures parts of the device don‘t touch the sensitive blades at the bottom of a container preventing damage to both the iMix and the blending jug.

Operation without activation bail (arms) – With the arms removed the iMix can be activated by pushing against the top of the unit. Ideal for rinsing glasses and containers which don’t have blades at the bottom.

Easy to maintain – Easy dis-assembly (e.g. for cleaning or de-calcification purposes) due to removable activation bail and other integrated components.

More Hygiene, better quality – The container is always rinsed with fresh water. The device can be operated with cold or warm water. Dirty washing water runs away immediately down the sink drain.

Save Water LogoLess water consumption, greater efficiency – The water valves are opened by pressing the container onto the bail arms or the valve rod. On removing the container the water valves are automatically closed by the water pressure.

Manufactured in Germany

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