Orved Vacuum Packers

External Extraction – Orved External Vacuum Packing/Sealing Machines

Professional vacuum packaging machines for solid products; Compact dimensions, user-friendly, fast, they are suitable to pack solids and dry products in bags.

THE LINK BETWEEN HOME AND PROFESSIONAL LEVEL – Vacuum packaging machines compact in sizes, user-friendly, fast, suitable for the packaging of solid foodstuffs in bags and delicate ones in containers.

PATENTED RETRACTABLE PROBE – Installed on our VM98 and VM14/90n models. We are the only ones to offer you the perfect packaging in smooth bags!

COMPACT SIZE – Thanks to the compact size, the construction materials, the excellent quality pump, and the double gasket in the vacuum chamber, the line of external extraction packaging machines allows you to preserve all your solid or dry food, even large ones, for longer.

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Showing all 4 results