Mini PowerZone – Portable Air & Surface Sanitiser


Mini PowerZone from BioZone – Complete Air & Surface Sanitation (Portable)

The BioZone MPZ-II has been proven to kill all known bacteria & viruses (including the corona-virus family of viruses, influenza, bird flu, E-Coli, salmonella, and many more) which can be present in the air and on hard surfaces. The system ensures that all of your high transit and public areas are as hygienically clean as possible, keeping your customers safe.

2021 UPDATE! BioZone Scientific UV Sanitation systems have been proven to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19). A recent study conducted by BCS Laboratories (USA) shows and certifies that the Ultraviolet Disinfection System inside the MPZ-II inactivates more than 99.999% of SARS-CoV-2 virus in less than one second. Read the report here >>>

Installation: The MPZ-II is a portable unit to sanitise uninhabited areas

Dimensions: 531 x 132 x 102 mm

Weight: 2.75 Kg

Power Requirement: 230v/50Hz/1Ph – 0.69 Kw

Effective coverage: 62.5m³ (a typical room 5 x 5 x 2.5 m) with a 30 minute exposure cycle

Colour: Silver aluminium with black inserts on each end

Download the BioZone MPZ Spec Sheet here >>>

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BioZone MPZ-II – The advanced air purification system

The Biozone Mini PowerZone (or MPZ-II) helps to resolve permanent odour problems by destroying the bacteria that cause malodorous odours both in the air and on surfaces. It also destroys viruses including flu, E.Coli, Salmonella and Streptococcus, and is highly effective in areas such as washrooms, doctor’s waiting rooms, nursing homes, food preparation areas, high transit public areas, and many more applications.

The MPZ-II is an advanced air purification system that improves the hygiene both in the air and on surfaces. It works by using a combination of sterilising techniques to destroy viruses and resolve permanent odour problems by killing the bacteria that cause bad odours, leaving behind a fresh smelling area.

As a result, your customers and visitors will be confident that they’ve been in a super clean, hygienic environment.

Completely automated and chemical free, the Mini PowerZone draws in air and treats it using UV light and photo-catalytic oxidation. The sterilised air is then emitted along with ozone, photoplasma and negative ions to help eliminate environmental odour causing bacteria.

The MPZ-II is designed for the intensive sanitation of enclosed areas. Simply place the unit in the centre of the area, set the control timer and leave. The MPZ-II will emit high levels of photo-plasma and negative ions which will destroy viruses and bacteria. Once the time has elapsed, return and remove the unit and air-out the area fully before use. How a BioZone Air & Surface Sanitiser works

Advantages of using the BioZone Mini PowerZone

  • Kills germs by destroying bacteria both in the air and on surfaces throughout the area in which it is operated
  • Removes odours at their source – instead of simply masking them
  • Increases customer and employee satisfaction
  • Minimal maintenance and very low running costs
  • Unlike fragrance dispensers, no consumables such as cartridges or batteries are used
  • Powerful and effective washroom and public area odour control that is kind to the environment

Download the BioZone AirCare Technology & Testing Documents – Click Here >>>

Applications of the Mini PowerZone include:

  •  Virus and bacteria disinfection in both the air and on surfaces
  • Portable virus disinfection for enclosed spaces
  • Rental car or Taxi maintenance
  • Property maintenance
  • Hotel and meeting rooms
  • Smoke removal from rooms and vehicles
  • Car homes / nursing homes
  • Unwanted food odour removal
  • Refuse collection & processing areas
  • Mould control
  • Restrooms / washrooms


  • Wall Plug
  • 4 Metre Power Cord
  • Carrying handle
  • Space Saving Design
  • 9000hr Rated
  • Replaceable Lamp System

Download the BioZone Air Care Operators Manual Here >>>

Please note – The MPZ-II is designed for the intensive sanitation of enclosed areas like vehicles, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, refuse areas etc. Humans must vacate the area when the unit is in operation as prolonged exposure to ozone can be harmful. See the manual for full instructions.

BioZone MPZ-II System requires the UV Bulbs to be replaced every 9000 hours – Click Here to buy a suitable replacement >>>

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